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Huh I can't seen to update, my network is fine but it says no upgrade any ideas
Quote: Originally Posted by TiVoHD How would we confirm what firmware you're running? If you're asking if that's the latest firmware, the answer is no. The latest is 1013. I'm sorry if I offended you thanks
Can someone confirm the firmware I'm on 1010.1 is that correct thanks
What have I been missing this picture is stunning was a led guy but they have alot of problems just picked up a pn59d8000 and oh boy very nice , so not running slides till tonight while watching tv just keep the cell down or is there anything else I will be running slides when not watching tv any advise thanks
thanks....yeah im leaning towards the sammy i have the 55 led d8000 from samsung( its going back tomorrow but its horrible) so im going with a plasma this year but still have to look @ the hx929 just to make sure.... oh do you think 59" plasma is too big from 10 feet i hope not cause i like the 55 and dont want to go 51?
Can someone tell me how the sd picture is on the Sammy or the panny I would like to pull the trigger on one, still a toss between vt30 and pn8000 thanks (just cause I still have a collection of dvds that I like stargate startrek stuff like that)
Quote: Originally Posted by LarryInRI Scotty, I had been very pleased with my 2006, my two 2008, and now with my two 2009 Panasonics. My 2007 model exhibited floating blacks which I found disconcerting. The grayscale of all six of my Panasonics calibrated very well. Most models displayed less than decent gamma curves -- except both my 2009 sets which have quite flat gammas with average values about 2.15. This year I looked for a larger size panel --...
Quote: Originally Posted by CMPMERIDIAN If someone choses the Sony 929 all the power to them, this does not make them a bad person. Some people actually do get sets that are worse then others and have a bad experience or might be more sensitive to issues than others, Each set does one thing or another better then the other, I wanted the best 3D LED available, that is why I am sticking with the D8000. One thing consistent, every single review on the...
I got my d8000 a couple weeks ago and one half of the screen is darker than the other also I get vertical and horizontal banding although it is not that bad its still sucks this is my first post sorry it has to suck Backlight 10 Pic. 43 Tried to fix with messing around with all the settings but no help BTW April build
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