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I havent tried this yet on my own ST30, but from what I've read on here, your router's PW needs to be all caps.
re:gaming on ST30...I've gamed quite a bit on it (Xbox360) and havent seen a bit of IR. I've even run the scrolling bar and observed the screen up close just to make sure it wasn't occurring. I had a two hour session last weekend on Bad Company 2, probably my longest in one sitting on this TV to date, and still everything was a-ok. Just for the warm fuzzy, every now and then I'll alter the picture size from 1 to 2 and vice versa to toggle the position of static images. i...
anyone care to comment on what setting the Xbox Ref level to "Expanded" does?
Ive gamed on my ST30 quite a bit, even (relatively) early in its life, and have yet to notice any IR at all. And I do look for it.
HAHA really? Well then, maybe I won't even attempt it.
I know it supports MP4, unsure of the other formats. The list of video and image file extensions that the ST30 supports are in the User Guide, so read up.
Found the following setup on CNET. Seems a little extreme (-50 white balance on high reds?) but I'll try it tonight to see for myself. Also a little unsure of the High panel brightness...sometimes I find even Mid to be too much. --Picture menu Picture mode: Custom Contrast: +80 Brightness: +59 Color: +32 Tint: -1 Sharpness: +20 Color temp: Warm 2 Color mgmt: Off [grayed out] Photo enhancement: [grayed out] C.A.T.S.: Off Video NR: Off -- Pro settings...
+1 definitely want to see what people are using...I alternate between low and mid, depending on ambient lighting.
how do you think 2011 model owners feel about the flux brightness issue?? You are not alone, Mr. Mac.
Ok chaps, after work today I'm exchanging my current 50 ST30 for another...hoping the FBr issue is less in the next one. Love the set too much to give up just yet...
New Posts  All Forums: