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Is there a device or combination of devices that will let me record Directv broadcasts in hd (1080p and 3D) with surround sound, and then transfer the files to my pc (over my home wifi network) for editing in a usable format? I was thinking maybe I could connect some sort of device to my Directv receiver's hdmi output, and it could record, and it would hopefully have a pass through hdmi port which I could then connect to my tv, and it would have built in wifi to transfer...
Oh okay, sorry I thought someone said that wouldn't work with Directv so I didn't look into it.After looking into it, that HD PVR appears to be exactly what I need. Thanks. I'll probably grab one of those.Any particular software I should use our does it come with everything I'd need?This probably doesn't exist, but is there something like that I can plug into my Directv receiver, but instead of connecting to the pc through USB it connects to the pc through my home wifi?...
Dang that sucks there isn't a viable ready made option. I had forgot about pc capture cards. Is there one that I can connect to the hd component outputs of the directv receiver to record in real time? Maybe one that will connect to the component outputs and the optical audio output so I could get surround sound and hd video while leaving the tv connected to the directv receivers hdmi? Or is there a card for the pc that will connect to the directv receiver's hdmi output...
I guess I should have mentioned that I have Directv and all of my content would be coming from that.
Sweet, so Tivo files can be transferred to a computer and edited then? Do you have to pay a subscription fee for Tivo?
Is there a DVR I can use to record but also transfer the files to my pc for editing/archiving on bluray, etc?
So that's 2 super long posts attempting to explain why an active 3D should be better than a passive. My eyes disagree. It was a lot faster for me to just look at the tv and confirm that my passive set has a better 3D picture. Just the same as a 1080p display will look better than a 1080i display.
I could buy into your argument a lot better if you followed your logic through. For example, by that logic we could say that there is no difference between 1080p and 1080i because of the image perception persistence or whatever you called it. On the other side of the argument, or possibly the same side, we could say that passive 3D is really 1080p while active is 1080i.
I tried to tell them the same thing.
Wow that is exactly what I'm trying to do. Changing receivers isn't an option though so I'll just have to look for a similar mount that is big enough for tyre HR21.
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