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Ringing in i have a slim ps3 160gb and since the last update my netflix timer doesnt work as well just shows all 0s.
PM Sent
I pmed you again paul if it doesnt let you send PMs again i will give you my email address.
Unfortunately need the money more then i need my Oppo. Its a lil bit over a year old probably only used once a week. Very clean no scratches no dents comes with every accessory and i will include a 6 foot Audioquest HDMI cable with it. Im looking for 450$ OBO includes shipping, i accept paypal. Looking for Local people in New England area will deliver if distance is reasonable. Will ship depending on location and if buyer pays for shipping. Its in flawless condition will...
Once Oppo gets pandora going it will be the best bluray player ever.
Yea nvm my fault i was thinking of the jena labs oppo 93 heres the link. I dont remember seeing that ground in mine guess ill have to check haha. http://www.jenalabs.com/mods/oppo-bdp-93.html
WilliaBe thats def not a stock Oppo 93. I forgot which company it was that modifies the oppo 93/95. They change the bottom feet for less vibration, add a ground so its a 3prong power cord and do a few other things.
well from my understanding seems like samsung is a lot better with there tvs. My LG bluray player crapped out after 6months of light use. Then they wanted me to pay 74$ to send it out and get it fixed which is more then what i paid for the player no thank you.
Had problems as well it was a netflix issue, i also think LG sucks. Had a tech come out to replace my main board, put in the board and half the tv didnt work. Half was fine and the other half was just white. Called lg and going to try and have a new board overnighted to the shop. Such ridiculous crap.
amb i have issues with my lg tv and oppo as well but different then what you described. Seems a lil weird that the the text would be off screen. Try resetting everything and hope it works.
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