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I just purchase this system, (like today, too bad I can't test it out got to go to bed) I was wondering about what others though of it.
Please Ignore everything in color blue Hello guys I always come to AVS forums for anything that is audio or video related, you guys are basically world experts . Anyways I want to buy a receiver I been looking a lot on ebay, I been reading a lot on the Yamaha RX - v 367. However I haven't really research anything else, I am looking for a receiver that I can plug in my Xbox and Playstation. So I need at minimum 2 HDMI (in) and 1 HDMI(out). I think 500 watts is more than...
one week and 4 days without any tips, any help would be highly appreciated guys
SETUP: TV Plasma Panasonic TC-P50C2 X-Box-360 (connected using component cables) PS3 (connected using HDMI) PC (connected using HDMI) no cable atm, probably won't be if I do get cable I'll connect it using component cables Anyways is it possible for all these devices to output sound to this sound bar? If so how would I go about this. Do I connect this sound bar to a Digital Audio Output (optical) jack on my TV and all my stuff gets sound? If that's the case why is there...
I came to a conclusion that surround sound would be a waste in such a small place. I been looking into soundbars, are there any soundbars that have multiple HDMI ports/ Component ports
EXTRA INFORMATION Hello guys I am in search for upgrading my setup, because it's become a bit of a mess. I now have an X-Box, PS3(x2), and a PC that all connect to my Plasma TV. I quit on cable services, so many channels and yet nothing to watch. Anyways there is only one ps3 connected to computer speakers using RCA cables at the same time connected to TV via HDMI. Anyways the sound on the TV is terrible when some of the other devices are using TV speakers As for when im...
Thank you guys so much, you guys are really a great awesome community. You help people who aren't very savvy in TV's, sound, and anything audio and video related . I will look around stores and research.
I am thinking possibly just going soundbar, As much as I may want sorround sound speaker set up, i dont think i can afford that anytime soon. With classes, car, rent and only working part time+my side job(tutoring+repairing computers). The cons that i have heard is that is not real sorround. ANything else i may need to know about soundbars. I think what's left is to start researching best bang per buck soundbar now.
Thanks for sharing a new site with me. I have check it out and sign up for it. I have to be in it for 3 months and will have two give 2 things away. Long time to wait and i may not be patient enough for it and will most likely buy used from a different place. However I will stick around it and participate on it later. I have a few things that i consider outdated but i think others may be happy to get
just got home, i measure with a measuring tape, room is actually 20ft and 15 feet up-down. my tv is 15ft away. Sorry about that I have a terrible perfecption of distance in my head. So should i just get a soundbar? Used receiver/speakers? What are some disadvantages and advantages? What is the purpose of a receiver anyways, is it basically what allows me to connect my speakers? Sorry i never had sound system before, only 20 years old. Also i apologize for my...
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