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Art's review available now http://www.projectorreviews.com/benq/benq-w7500-home-theater-projector-review/
I just compared 3DTV corp blue glasses (optoma ZD302) to Benq D3 glasses. blue glasses have much better contrast, picture appears sharper and colors are vibrant and natural, even better depth. Benq D3 gives flat picture when compared at same time. both block red flash completely.
same issue happened to me. I sent it to Benq and they changed the motherboard
Art should have gotten Benq W7500 according to his blog. A french guy in cinetson.org compared it to Optoma HD8300 that uses IR/RF 3D and preferred W7500 3D DLP-linked. He used hi-shock glasses ( also branded as Optoma ZD302 and 3DTV corp 4th Gen ) which is said to be the best to block red flash and provide best contrast. He also has Sony HW50. If someone still interested in a DLP projector with IR/RF 3D, HD8300 is now only 1500$ on ebay and brighter than Sharp Z30000.
I had both. Im new to projectors and my room is not light controlled, so I couldnt appreciate the difference in contrast. Here is pros of each from a / b comparison:W1070:- noticeably brighter- sharper- low lag for gaming- small and portable- Can handle 1080i 50Hz from satellite receiver.- Has audio output.- Shorter throw.HC8000:- picture is clean with higher contrast.- At least equally good motion with motion processing turned off.- motion processing is excellent if you...
I returned Mits HC8000 because W1070 more impressive in 2D, but didnt try 3D unfortunately before returning it. 3D in W1070 is very immersive, more than passive 3D in cinemas. Sharp, clean and zero eye fatigue or headache.I put soundandvision 3D settings almost exactly and I am very satisfied. The only negative thing its a bit dim due to DLP-linked 3D.
MIne too. Top right is very soft compared to the rest
How is Oppo 3D conversion compared to Mits?
I have W1070 which is superior to Mitsubishi HC8000 ( and HC7900 ) for my setup as I reviewed earlier in this thread. My W1070 is great but I want to buy an extra one that is uniformly sharp and no CA, anyone wants to sell his?
In ebay he lists this as 4th generation, and the blue light glasses as 5th generation, the one Rwestly recommended long time ago here. Also I pulled the trigger on the blue version because of high ratings in Amazon UK and also after I saw the newest Optoma glasses, ZD302
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