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I have a 4x4 component videostorm matrix (CMX44). My inputs are two cable boxes, a bluray player, and a ViewHD converter which is hooked up to an Apple Tv3. The two cables boxes and bluray player work fantastic. The Apple TV is hooked up with an HDMI cable to the ViewHD converter, which then connects with component to the fourth input on the VideoStorm matrix. When I select the ViewHD (Apple tv) it results in horrible ghosting. The ghosting only appears with this...
This is so stupid, I emailed elan a year ago and they said the android app was coming out very soon. Wtf takes so long
Hi thanks for the reply, I do have the elan M86A
What are the best options to integrate Sirius Radio into the Elan G! system with full control. Are there any solutions that pull Sirius through the internet so I can avoid using an antenna. Thanks for the help!
Good advice, What time frame are we looking at before cable companies stop supporting component cable for HD content? I personally don't see this for another 10 years, are we talking much sooner?
Thanks for the advice, I already have all my speakers installed in-wall from the previous owner. As it sits there are 18 speakers and 3 subs. The living room is a 5.1 surround and the two bedrooms are 2.1 setups. The rest of the speakers are in common areas and bathrooms. I will have a total of 4 TV's.I have the lutron homeworks system series 4 and all my shades are lutron sivoia qed. The plan is to use the Elan G! to control everything with a dedicated remote and an iPad....
My unit is fully pre wired already with component cables. Should I use hdmi baluns on all my cables and use a hdmi matrix switcher?In regards to BluRay, I currently do not own any BluRay movies, and am thinking about going in the direction of just getting an Apple TV. When I want to rent an HD movie from Apple TV it will only cost me $3.99 for a 30 day rental. I would buy the 1st gen Apple TV that has component out. I could also do on-demand movies through my cable box.So...
Hi Guys, please give me some input on this proposal, I am very close to pulling the trigger. Anything you would change or do differently?
Yup, I have not bought any of the TV's yet so I will purchase all 1080p. Ok so just to clarify, if I have my other TV's/outputs off, and I only have my receiver on, then it will receive a DD5.1 signal? If so, it's really not too big of a deal since I am the only person living here. Here is how the condo is wired, I hope this helps. Thanks, Stu.
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