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If the Samsung is meant to be connected to an IR LED, its output is probably modulated. A typical IR receivers output is baseband, ie: the modulation is removed.
They're all analog electrical signals.The idea is to keep high current, low impedance away from high impedance signal cables, so mixing high current low impedance speaker wires with low voltage high impedance audio signal wires should be avoided.
Just double up on the power, use a single twisted pair for the data connection on crestron
slim to none.If the dimmer produces RFI, it doesn't matter if it's on the same circuit as the AV equipment or not.I don't know where you got that idea, his explanation is pretty clear.
Then why quote and respond to me? Do you know what ironic means?
You seem to think I was only addressing you, you're not that special, get over it.
Here's some similar data. Round wheels are better than square wheels
Not from my point of view Maybe you should re read the first post in this thread....you know, the one where monoprice is compared to other brands?
...probably because it's all been covered in countless other threads on conductors.It's like a mechanical engineering forum with countless threads on the invention of the wheel.
That's good advice, to everyone with 600 miles of speaker cable.
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