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Anyone know off hand if the SE division of Seymour offers samples or should I try to find a local dealer to see it?
i'm pretty sure that limit is on netflix. i have 150Mbps and i still only get 720p. while it does look better than any hd broadcast 3d, any 3d that isn't 1080p just doesn't look right to me. my brain hurts after a bit, where i have no issues with 3d bd. i don't know though, maybe it's just my display.
i tested a lot with "art of flight" since there's a ton of white in there. i really couldn't notice the pattern, even inside of 8'. but since they're only letter sized samples (except elune, it looks like michael j fox cut it), i don't know how much worse it'll be in a full size screen. right now i'm leaning towards the xd only because it seems to be a tad bit brighter, but the falcon is a very close 2nd.
i'm looking to upgrade my projector (benq w7000) and screen (monoprice white 106" 16x9) screen later this year. the projector will most likely be either the jvc rs4910u or the rs57u. i'm looking to move into an acoustically transparent screen, scope format, at about 140". the method to fill the scope will most likely start off as lens memory zooming, but i'm not opposed to adding a lens later if needed. i'd just like to avoid the extra cost if possible. the room has very...
like others, I've been waiting for all the announcements for upcoming projectors. I've talked to Mike from the forums/store already and got his input and i figure I'll try here now and see what i get. past projectors: Mitsubishi HC1600, Epson 8700UB current projector: BenQ W7000 potentials: JVC RS57U & 4910U, Sony 50/55ES, Epson 5030/6030, probably in that order I'm also looking at upgrading my basic white monoprice 106" 16x9 to an acoustically transparent 140"...
yeah, made a post about it about a week or so ago. skin tones in the nba finals have been looking ugly and i'm getting pink tones in white backgrounds during the commercials.
any projector in the 2nd half or so of 2012 switched over to the new firmware versions. so 1.00 == 1.03. myself and several others on here have confirmed that with benq techs, so you should be good to go. my latest unit is an oct 2012 build and has the 1.00 firmware.
there's nothing to select in that menu, you won't see any movement. it's like entering an old school cheat code into a video game. just hit up down up down up down enter and it'll open up the other menu.
i've been having an issue (at least i think it's an issue) with my W7000 involving scenes involving mostly one color, and mostly primary colors. i've attached a photo (from cellphone, sorry) of a scene in avatar to try to show what i'm talking about. i'm not sure of the actual word i'm looking for, but it makes the images blotchy/spotty/ugly/saturated when there's a lot of one color in scene. in the photo you can (hopefully) see it around his cheeks and nose. another scene...
yep, i'm unfortunately very serious. every one was replaced for a faulty iris. they sent me the 4th one and it was a refurb (which all other replacements had been as well) and i didn't even test it. i sent them a rage-mail of how their refurb process has obviously failed and i want a new unit. so they sent me a new one with the new 1.00 firmware on it. it's been ok so far, aside from a noisy iris. we'll see how long this one lasts. here's a pic of #3, 4 and 5.
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