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Yep, meanwhile i'm still keeping my hopes up that someday we will see a 80" preferably 100" 4k OLED available down the road non curved of course. PS: But if it doesn't happen like I said before I'll gladly take that 4k, 100", Full-Array w/ Local-Dimming Zones LED display.
In today's market I would agree based on what's now available, however don't forget about the "Elite PRO- 70X5FD" which in my opinion is still arguably the best display out for its 70" size.
I normally don't like to get involved with other people's disputes but rogo has really been a great source of information and I've been enjoying reading his daily posts here, in fact that's one of the reasons I come here. Rogo is extremely knowledgeable of OLED technology and the way they are produced you may not agree with everything he has to say and that's ok but I'd still enjoy hearing his educated opinion on the topic as I'm sure others do as we'll. I would encourage...
I wonder what LG's response will be to this.
Quote:Sounds good but is there any truth to it?
I hope you're correct, I fail to understand the obsession right now with curved home TV displays. For a wrist watch I suppose a display might work or on clothing like I mentioned before, and I'm sure there might be other applications such as lamps or lighting panels for show or design purposes but for a television in your front room? I meen unless this thing is a huge panoramic size like in the IMAX theater or something that fills up your entire wall for example I just...
Hey buddy I got a question for you, if the 77" or larger OLED becomes available down the road but it's only available in the curved format would you still consider getting one?PS: Still have very serious doubts about the current format under 100" but it diffidently seems it's going that route what are your thoughts on this topic?
I was was one of the original people to preorder the 70" Elite and receive it. Sure I paid almost full price and I was taking a risk but it sure paid off couldn't be happier today and I still think it's the best display out not only in its category but for its size. I say if people want to take a risk and be an early adapter of this new technology and can afford it, more power to them.
Unfortunately your predictions on OLED seem accurate although I wish I could say otherwise my friend. However you also bring up a good note buddy and their would appear to be light at the end of the tunnel if they do end up bringing back local-dimming down the road with 4k I'd be ok with that.
I hope so as well.As for the Apple branded TV possibility that's probably not very likely to happen, at least not anytime soon. Apple won't do it unless they can find a reason for it's existence, meanwhile the AppleTV will suffice as that's still classified as "a hobby" to Apple as they call it and is still rapidly evolving.
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