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I have the 70'' Sharp Elite and I agree with much of what you just said I still think it's the best display out for it's category and size, however if they can release an OLED that's 4k and 80+ inches or larger I'd be very tempted to upgrade my friend.
Good things didn't come cheep back then, if Panasonic had the ST60, ZT60 or VT60 back then well who knows.
I bought the 70'' Elite when it first came out 2 years ago, if Panasonic had a Plasma display as good as the ST60 is now at the same price point it would have been another story possibly. I had actually tried a Panasonic VT30 back then but it had issues I couldn't live with, mainly buzzing and fluctuating brightness. I acutely wanted a KURO back then but they were sadly no longer available, so I ended up with the 70'' Sharp Elite. I had actually ordered the 65'' Sony 929...
I currently have a 70'' Elite and a 55'' ST60, although the Elite does get's better black levels the ST60 holds it's own very nicely in the dark let me tell you. The ST60 screen get's quite dark in fact enough to give you that Elite feeling very deep inky blacks here I'm not kidding you, it's very close I assure you. I think you will be very pleased especially when you factor in the price vs picture quality.
True, Sharp can't continue to put money in to a display they don't sell anymore, however it's also true that all displays have their time and this all appears to be business as usual. Good news is Sharp is still in business and I suppose there's always that hope they may release another display under the Elite brand sometime down the road, personally I'm hoping it will be an OLED next time around well see.
The deeper the inky black levels the more your colors will pop out. Additionally all movies fade to black scenes or have very dark scenes in them, which anyone who cares about picture quality will clearly tell you is very important in picture quality. Deep inky black levels are number one on the list and for good reason.
No question about it I would have bought a Pioneer KURO if they were still available at the time Panasonic's VT30 came out. However if Panasonic's 2013 models were as good back then as they are now I suppose it would've been a much more difficult decision to make.
If I understand you correctly I strongly disagree with you, I recently picked up a Panasonic Plasma for the bedroom the 55'' ST60 and it's got a great picture for the pice. You may wish to check out CNET's review of the line for reference.
I'd suggest getting the ST60 instead, in fact you probably won't even be able to tell much of a difference see CNT's review. Then take the extra money you would have saved and put it into an OLED down the road, that's your best choice in my opinion anyway good luck with your choice. Oh and if the wife is a factor like you say I'm sure it would have pleased them to have saved the extra $$$
They had two choices as I understand it...1. Dump their current technology line which was incompatible with KURO technology and continue to produce Pioneers expensive Plasma display's that were not very profitable for Pioneer btw, hence is why they got out of the business altogether. Or2. Continue on with their own technology endeavors which they had already invested a considerable amount of time and money into developing with their engineers hoping that it would lead them...
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