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I wouldn't be to concerned, when I was viewing 3D content on the 55HX929 I thought 3D was great and looked allot like my VT30 but with better depth and contrast. I guess everyone see's 3D differently.
I think the 929 deserved much better review but he hit on some good points also. Some highlights... -"The stand feels solid and has a manual swivel function" Didn't people say they were not to happy with the stand? - "Personally I like the slightly worse black depth on Panasonic VT30 combined with almost perfect shadow detailing better than near-perfect black depth combined with mediocre shadow detailing on HX929." Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought it was...
I was just following the FB thread didn't know he posted in the other thread after the mod close the FB thread. Another reason why I like AVS Forums more because of some of the mods over there. Also I don't like how they bash AVS Forums whenever they get a chance.
The damage is done, I think well be lucky to here back from the Panasonic insider anytime soon.
You need to read my posts better I still have the VT30. Not sure what you call it but it kind of hit a brick wall back there thanks to some people. And the Mod didn't help much ether when he locked the Forum up, which I believe was a very bad decision.
In a nut shell we have a Panasonic insider guy who was kind enough to look into the firmware update that's been supposeingly spreading around in Europe who claim it reduces or fixes FB's on several picture modes. Panasonic guy. "Thanks. I'm not looking to get anyone in trouble unless it's merited. I just would like answers. Why is there firmware with no details as to what it does specifically ? Why is it limited to a single region? Why is it only working in certain modes...
Looks like we hit a dead end again on the VT30 FB issue. http://www.**************.com/showth...Thread/page134 What do they say in times like this? Two steps foward and One step back, or something along those lines? just when I thought the mystery would be solved.
It was not my intention to offend you, sorry if I did. I don't currently own the 929 yet I'm actually waiting for the 65HX929. I am well awhere of the pros and cons of the 929 specifically the blooming issue disguised here at length. However in Chad's review I linked to you he said the 929 had reference color after calibration. So you can see why I'm confused about your complaint on the 929.
Just curious but have you seen Chad's review of the 929? I think he would have said something on this if it was an issue. http://www.**************.com/showth...5HX929-LED-LCD
+1 If the 929 isn't a videophile set then nether is the VT30! I have the VT30 currently and I can tell you 929 has better a better 2D picture and doesn't suffer from Fluctuating Brigntness issues like all the VT30 do.
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