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I know it won't capture well for anything below 80hz, but I'm excited & can't wait to see it in action especially playing those nice contents just get some rough idea how it sounds especially mid bass & above freq.
Music - Bass I Love You Movies - WOTW or any other better contents
Tux, can you demo with some mid & low bass heavy contents
How about Eminence drivers?
How about Celestion & 18 Sound woofers?
This one http://www.avsforum.com/t/1523167/enough-theory-talk-i-gotta-build-something-celestion-ftr12-3070c
which one would you guys choose between the 1099 and the latest TMM one that Tux currently building?
I never said cooling is not important, I just thought that these genuine LG amp which cost few times more than the clone, they should be superior in many areas including efficient cooling at minimal fan noise
Yup, I'm refer to fan noise, not hiss noise
@JapanDave, are the genuine LG amps dead silent as compare to the clone?
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