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Philharmonic 2 on sale $12,000/pr.Good condition. Nonsmoking house...well, cigarettes at least...Only played Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" once.These are going fast. Buy now!!!
Don't waste your time with SACD unless,you want 5.1 music.http://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html
Enjoy your Philharmonic 3s, Tony! I'm sitting here listening to my 2s while I write a 1200 word essay. They sure help in this time of great sorrow.
If you want to say something just say it.I'm not sure why this thread is such a train wreck, but I'm going to bow out now.OP: Happy listening.
As for a real answer, OP: It's assumed most people who listen to rap are non-audioholics who have crappy systems--young kids, i imagine. Young kids love their music loud...right? Whereas the people who listen to rock are assumed to be older people with money who can afford high end audio.
I agree 100%. I also like a bit of jazz.Who are you to determine what's good or bad? Who am I? So all rap is bad poetry? I happen to be a poet. Some like my work, others don't. I wrote the poems and even I don't know which group is correct.Anything can be art, music, etc. Depends on the individual's definition of music/art.
It's funny that the one time we get a free lunch in audio, audiophiles (marketing department) have to make up a problem to solve.
Nope. I was able to test the subs and play them with a unit I bought that I am returning. My receiver is still not back from repair. I was using an old weak Denon. I haven't used the subs or the Phils since before I went on the trip.I'm really sorry we couldn't make it happen, man. I would have loved to have you!
I was easily willing to pay more for the RAAL over the Fountek. The Philharmonic 2s were insanely cheap. Even if the Fountek is 90% of what the RAAL is, I got one of the best speakers I have ever heard for cheaper than any speaker on my shortlist. It would be silly of me to give up even 5% of performance to save a few hundred bucks when the speaker cost me $1,500 less than the cheapest speaker on my shortlist. I am very happy with what I payed for my Philharmonic...
Thanks to Jim and Mary Salk for being so kind at the California Audio Show and helping me out! The SS8's sounded absolutely amazing, as did the Salk Silk (Thank you for bringing that along.) It was a pleasure and I hope to see you both next year! The SS8 was in the top three speakers at the show, and the cheapest contender was $30,000
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