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Why would anyone want to use a series xo? How do you adjust for sensitivity with a series xo?? Current remains the same everywhere throughout the circuit. The tweeter and woofer will always get the same amount of I...
Or, more likely, the RAAL in the Phil and the RAAL in the Ascend are used at different frequencies, the demo was not A/B but over time in different rooms, and the RAAL unit used by the two speakers is a bit different. There could be something wrong with the RAAL in Newbie's speaker, but it doesn't seem very likely...
WMTMs get very expensive...especially with high quality drivers. If you don't have seats fairy far off-axis it isn't worth it most of the time. Also I would try phantom center before buying a center unless 1. You have seats off-axis (in which case WMTW) 2. You listen to 5.1 music.
That's true. I didn't take the design axis into account when I made that statement.We agree that there will still be interference for those significantly off-axis, which is why I am an advicate for the WTMW for those who have seats off-axis.I also agree with everything you said in the above quote. MTM will be worse for those off-axis than an MT!
There will be vertical lobing with a WTMW. (Depending on spacing and frequency there might not be...) If the designer crosses high enough that there is an interference issue, you can bring in another midrange to adjust the lobe so that between these two midrange drivers all driver sum in phase. The issue here is that the position is pretty fixed. It really depends on the design. I could theoretically cross low enough so that there is no interference but bring in another...
If you intend to sit on-axis right in front of the tweeter then yes. The Salk SongCenter would be better.If you don't sit directly in front of the tweeter, I would actually go with a the MT placed on the side. With the MT there will be interference only at xo frequency +/- a little bit. With the MTM if you sit off to the side, there will be interference throughout most of the midwoofer's range. I'd rather have a little interference than a whole bunch of it!
Good catch, sir. It would only be worse if the user intends to sit anywhere other than at tweeter level. At tweter level the Ms would sum in phase. Above or below tweeter level all hell breaks loose.This would mean a fixed vertical location but a very free horizontal location with no lobing.Unless you have some tall ass people in your house, you should be ok. Especially if driver spacing is real close like the WMTMW shown.
Because there will be major lobing at the xo frequency. With an MTM the two woofers will sum in phase if you are directly in front of the tweeter. With a TM this is not the case. You will be closer to one driver than the other causing interference at the frequencies they share. The lower the xo slope, the more interference. The TM should always be used vertically.A WMTW is prefered for those who have seats off axis. The woofers generally produce frequencies low enough that...
Sweet!! Now to convince my friends to take a roadtrip!Wanna hop on a plane with him so I can finally meet you, Dennis?Any chance you'll be bringing a Salk Silk with you, Jim?
Going to the California Audio Show this year Jim?
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