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Congrats on your purchase!! http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/XLS2000
The SCST are a 2 way design..not a 2.5 way design. Both Seas Excel drivers act as midrange and woofer.
While Jim Salk is a great guy, I would like to bring another Salk to your attention for a moment. Jonas Salk invented the first polio vaccine in 1955. When asked who owns the patent to his miracle in a syringe he explained that there was no patent. "Could you patent the sun?", he asked. According to Forbes, Jonas gave up 7 billion dollars so that more people could use his vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies should take a lesson.
Why did you cross at 4khz as apposed to 3khz?
Great choice of midrange, Dennis. The TangBand is supposed to be a very solid performer! How high did you cross it to the woofer? The tweeter-midrange HP is ~3khz?
You mean MLTL. Mass Loaded Transmission Line. The ST is a QWT-TL Quarter Wave Tube Transmission Line.
That's unfortunate! Will the ribbon make your wallet cry?
This is getting silly. RAAL vs Dome is not a life or death choice. Hell, at the worst it's a "I'll sell my SC w/dome and opt for the RAAL version instead" choice. Most of us agree that it would not be a very big deal. Personally, I'm with Jim. Newbie should try the phantom center and see if it is satisfactory. If it isn't, and he only cares about movies; hookers, guns, and clowns aren't going to sound so different that it ruins the experience. Even if it did ruin the...
That might be the best name you guys at Salk Sound have ever come up with.I know literally nothing about this speaker, and I want to own it simply because it's the Salk Sound Silk. xDUPDATE: Wait, the Silk is the new Illuminator monitor. Oooooh. I'm excited. Great name for what sounds like a great speaker!
Oh my.First of all, his being a musician has what to do with a matched soundstage? We aren't even talking about using the center for music, only movies.Secondly, Dennis long understands the "importance" of a matched soundstage. He simply disagrees with it. With all the speakers that pass through his house I'm sure he's tried many different combinations, and obviously he thinks one of the cheaper options is just as valid and pleasing as its more expensive counterpart.This...
New Posts  All Forums: