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Be very careful when you tread down this road.First off, what is dirty power?Secondly, these drivers are a few bucks a piece, it would be outlandish to buy any sort of expensive amps (IMO it's outlandish with most speakers), cables, CD players, etc. Speakers are the source of the most distortion in a system. If you want to upgrade the quality of your system, 90% of the time you upgrade your speakers.
Holy crap! What a great job!! Gonna be at THE show this year Andrew?
Out of curiosity, would you go with Illuminator or Seas W15/W18?
I'd go Seas. More sensitive, cheaper, very similar distortion specs.Dennis, I say MLTL because of this:http://techtalk.parts-express.com/showthread.php?215363-Ml-Tl&p=1614695#post1614695(Post 6)For all intents and purposes, i'm talking about a regular ported box.
An MLTL doesn't necessarily need a divider, no? MLTL (unless you use a divider) is pretty much a ported box with stuffing. An MLTL just signifies you chose the driver and port location with 1/4 wavelength resonances in mind. I could be very incorrect. Which Illuminator is being used? The Seas W18 in the HT1 has 100w PE and 5mm of xmax. The W15 has 70w PE and 4mm of xmax. Power handling will suffer a bit. Do you think it would be drastic enough to be a deal breaker?
...and now i hate you... *must own...must own...*I would forget the Illuminator AND the HT1.I would ask Jim for a custom bookshelf MLTL with the RAAL 70-20XR and Seas W15CY001 crossed at ~2khz. The SuperCharged SongBookshelf
A RAAL Illuminator combo would be hard to beat! The Illuminator series are some of the best drivers around! Which illuminator is being used?
I don't like bipole or dipoles for surrounds. They make everything sound too diffuse. Rain and crickets should be spacious and hard to pinpoint. Gun shots should not be. I think monopoles are best as they can sound spacious but don't always sound spacious.
Then I think it was my first guess... Do you have Skype or an email? PM me.
For I am god, and my will be done. I'd guess basic human psychology. Are you happier today than other days in the past?Oh, and **** YES I LISTEN TO DSOTM!!I really like The Wall. Mother is probably in my top 5 favorite songs.
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