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What system do you have?
I'm sure you are right and I apologize to him for misinterpreting his comments.
I asked you a million questions before I found this place..I'm sure you hated me. haha
Thanks I'll definitely look into that!
I was unaware that they do free concerts...I will definitely look into that. Thanks a bunch!
I do not want you, CG, or any others, to think I am angry. I certainly am not. I also want to thank everyone, once again, who has given me advice and all who have helped me in the past, and those who will help me in the future. I really appreciate all of your help..even if you think I am a pathological liar
I don't want to sound like an ass. However, I really don't understand why you insist on telling me to get laid, sir. What I do with my penis is nobody's business but my own. If you want to get laid then do so. I respect your opinion and I enjoy your posts, and I thank you for all the advice you have given me but I don't understand what buying speakers has anything to do with my sexual life. I have no problem answering any questions ever. I am not shy, prude..I'll answer...
The notion that I would make this up kind of confuses me. Why exactly would I do that? What would I have to gain? Let me explain: I am 18 years old unemployed. My budget (what I have in my wallet) is $200. I don't have a budget as a normal person would. I don't have bills or any expenses what-so-ever. I said I was willing to drop 20K on a system because I want the best I can get. I will save (once I am hired). I didn't say I will be doing it tomorrow. If there is still...
Isn't that the truth? Although I am inexperienced with HT and such, in my opinion, even if listening to live performances was the ultimate way to become familiar with music, and everyone preferred it, I can't justify paying all that money for live performances. I'd rather just listen to it on my setup. I already purchased my setup. lol
Fair enough. Different could be better though.
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