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For Gaming and Quality , the samsung can't touch the Panasonic i had a pn51d800 that suddenly cracked i never got it replaced , bought a small 42" st30 for my bedroom the best option for gaming extremely low input lag and picture quality is great it looks even better than my vt30 on my eyes .
thanks .
thank you very much for all the help, where can i find d-nice setting for the vt30 thanks ?
Using the same setting and everything on cinema mode my st30 had been in use around 9 months and my vt30 have around 250 hours the vt30 was manufactured in October .
Hello i am considering upgrading my 52hx909 for a 55hx929 is it worth the upgrade or just stay with the hx909 and wait for oled ?
I had a pn51800 ok input lag but it can't touch my 42st30 it's just the best gaming tv right now .
When do you think new ones are coming out ? I may be ordering from your place .
Return your tv and invest a little more for a 42inch st30 it's the best 42 in the market period .
Sometimes it does if you are very close a big screen looks very pixelated but other thing are you sure the content was being displayed in hd ? That the cable Box was hd and connected via hdmi ? Because if it didn't then it would look horrible .
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