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i am also between a 2011 hx820 or a hx909 sony is replacing .
Ok Sony is replacing my lx900 with either one of this models without paying nothing or paying 650 and get a 929 ? Any suggestions ?
Sudden Screen cracks occur on Samsungs I am myself victim of one , now my next purchase is between a Sony hx909 or a vt30
I know the new hx929 comes with all the features wifi 3d built in but in terms of pq are they the same ?
Samsung saids that their tvs just don't crack , but the store that sold it to me should be able to replaced for me I call video only and they are sending a technician to check it out , I turned it on more buzzing and more cracking I am so afraid of loosing 2 thousand just like that .
my wife let the tv accidentally turned on for 3 days , when we got back the tv was all cracked and buzzing really bad , i really really got so pissed off at her because i tought she dropped or hit it with something , she swear she didnt do anything to it ! i i took a very detail look fully clean there is no crack form the glass is all internal tv is even with plastics and everything i dont know whats going on i hope video only replaces it , because i had read all the...
Does somebody knows anything of this model ? Seems pretty good is it better than the d8000 ?
Still no reviews of the newer Sony models .
I think they are wrong at that website since they said te refresh rate of the hx820 is 420hz
Cleveland plasma is the place , too bad I am stick to video only return policy's they are only bringing those two models so far they are my only choices for LCD .
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