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Isidhu, Well, you went for a big mammer-jammer! Looks like an awesome system. I could never get anything like that in my living room without signing the divorce papers! Seriously, happy that you like your new system and I am not suprised that its better sounding that the ZVOX (I am surprised about what you said about the bass though.....). I think you were looking for a bit more than ZVOX has to offer in the first place. There is definitely a tradeoff...
Well, sorry to hear that the highs are a deal breaker for you.... I do agree that ZVOX should put some tweeters in the box, you are right about the 3.5s missing some frequencies. My TV speakers do an OK job at filling in, but I wish I didn't have to use them. Please let us know what you end up getting and how you like it.
Hey yo, if anyone is interested... here is a new review of the 580: http://www.hometheater.com/content/z...e-580-soundbar
Oh, my poor boy.... I see a stint in Betty Ford's Soundbar Ward for you in the near future. Please, get help. And soon. Sorry, you know I can't resist. I would love to see your "soundbar graveyard" room.... could you post some pics? Please.....?
Philip, I will take a shot at you questions....Where you position it will change the way it sounds. High end is very directional, so the further away it is from "ear-shot", the less you will hear. Since bass is omni-directional, positioning matters less. Also, bass can be amplified a bit if it is say, put in a cabinet. It can use the cabinet as a resonator. So.... positioning is very important when it comes to soundbars. Some soundbars depend on back walls to bounce...
Hi Lane F, The on/off functionality works well with the ZVOX, As far as your question:I have the optical coming directly out of my TV, so any device connected to my TV will use the on/off functionality. If you were to use multiple outputs connected by a splitter... I think it would still work, but I have never tried it to substatiate that theory.
Wow, nice! Just some questions. Do you own any furniture? If I come to your house, will I have to sit on a soundbar? I know you have plenty of those. Is there anything besides ketchup in your fridge? Sorry for harrassing you.... I couldn't resist! Seriously though, I would love to check out that bose....
Hi Reverenddave, Please let us know what you think after you have your your system for a while. Hopefully you will enjoy it, but I like see what other people think. Cheers
Cynation, glad to hear you are warming up to the Zvox - in terms of convenience, it has a great design. Most people who come to my house don't even notice it (physically) until I point it out! One thing I did that you might want to try is to turn your TV speakers on as well as the Zvox - it will add a little high end that the Zvox lacks. I just got a blu ray and the audio sounds pretty nice.... Cheers
Nevermind... I answered my own question. I haven't had my TV for a real long time and I didn't realize that each HDMI input has it's own settings.... I thought it was global. It was using the factory defaults that were atrocious. I tweaked it and it looks much much better now. Thanks!
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