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I had my client box in a den, but wanted to move it next door to the sunroom, which already had a cable jack. I had already tested the jack but discovered that although I got a cable signal, it would not network with the WHDVR in the living room. When I called tech support (thinking they needed to send some sort of signal to activate the client box on that outlet), they told me to put the client box back in the den, and a tech would have to come out and move it as a new...
One more question - am I going to have to repay the $80 install fee for the new/upgraded service? I had the client box moved from one room to another 15 feet away, and got socked with an $80 install fee, and the only thing special the tech did was clean up the wiring behind the jack in the wall in the new location.
I have a WHDVR plus a client box. Will we automatically be traded up? Or will I need to take the boxes in myself?
Hey, what's up with my WHDVR and client box? Both have been intermittently flashing the message Ed98 for the past three days, I called tech support, and they did a reset, but it did not fix anything. I called Cox again, and now there's a recorded message saying there's a problem. I can't tell that the boxes are not operating correctly otherwise, but the flashing is getting a bit annoying. Anyone else got this issue?
Whelp, it was fun while it lasted. Due to the our budget taking a few hard hits, and the impending birth of our first grandchild in Texas, we dropped our cable down from whole home DVR and digital cable to basic cable local channels only.... Bummer. Need to reroute those funds elsewhere....
Well, a lot of stuff on both channels end up on Hulu eventually. I too use my HTPC to record anything local and the WHDVR for anything on cable....
Speaking of 3D, we've really enjoyed what little 3D programming we've seen on ch 895. Looking forward to seeing more.
Okay, WHAT is the deal with WTKR-DT and Person of Interest? Why are they not showing it in HD and 5.1 surround? I just looked at it from my computer DVR just recording off a straight cable signal, and it's in HD 5.1 there. It's only recording in 4:3 on my WHDVR! What gives?
I have the channels now, but no guide info....EDIT I rebooted the DVR and everything's there now. Woo-hoo!
New Posts  All Forums: