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at least i am not the only one who recognizes this as a 10 years+ wait for LCD's to "catch up" I have been waiting for about 3-4 years seeing these "fake" 120hz displays in agonizing pain. i thought 3D would be my solution to this, but again, PAIN! at least a got a 120 monitor, but 22" is so small, i need bigger!
Anyone making the statement that a skilled console user can keep up with a skilled keyboard/mouse user is smoking crack
there isnt'tthe SSD is seperate from the 12 tb of hard drive space, which is located on a whole different machine which uses 2 raid controlers.that card is just a SSD drive that mounts to the pcie bus, it has two main banks of SSD chips that are raided as 60gb + 60gb. review here http://www.anandtech.com/show/3788/o...dable-pcie-ssd
i dont raid 5 it because i don't have control over the issue with this hardware its hardware wired to only be raid 0 400-500 Megabytes/s sustained though, newer models i think do up to 700 Megabytes/s
while I have loved computers since I was 6 years old playing around with a sinclair zx81. Around 1981, and i had to solder it together myself with my Dad ! PC gaming became came clear to me with 3DFX. Doom1 helped a little too With 3DFX, games went from 10-20 frames per second to 40-60. now able to play with some level of smoothness, i was hooked on PC gaming. So, as you can tell, I am a frame/second junky over quality. I am still hoping someone can steer me...
also interested, though mostly in just 120 hz, but i do got the nvidia glasses
My comp is as follows: Gigabyte i7 board x58a-UD5 I7 980x @ 4.0 Ghz (6 Core) stock voltage ( default 3.33 ghz) ati 6870 @ stock Corsair 850 Watt PSU LG Bluray Drive writter OCZ Revo drive 120G raid SSD Intel 160g secondary SSD mounted as a C drive folder 12TB raid 0 secondary computer acting as a NAS 12 GB DDR3 I have had it up to 4.15 Ghz with no voltage increases running stress tests fine, but I like a little safety room, I might try some voltage increases one day
I know this has been asked from time to time, but I figured it needed to be asked again now that many people have 3d tvs I am currently using the Samsung 2233 for 120 hz Gaming I am wondering if some 3d tv's will display true 120 hz, as in, accept 120 hz at the input and output and bypass motion the processors. if the answer is still no, it needs to be asked why wont 120 hz go mainstream. its such a large quality differance. 60 hz just does not cut it. Even in...
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