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anybody knows how to play sbs 3d mkv file with vip 3D-theatre from PC? Do I need a 3d display card? do i need any special player like stereoscopic player? Help!
Sorry Jonathan, I am Dicky rather than Nick. I did not ask for a wall adapter. What my concern from the very beginning is the time for the 3D theatre to arrive HK. But up till now, I still don't know the answer. besides, sending email to you, I did also email to your company but no reply from both. From what I learn from USPS web site , international propority mail takes 3-5 days only. I do have a tracking no but they refused to tell me any information about the arrival...
Is it only one person work in VIP.? I sent email to support@VIP.com also, but nobody reply !
How can you explain with no reply for 2 weeks! I 'm living in Hong Kong. It's a bit difficult to call me over the phone because of the the time lag.
His response was quick and nice before you place order. but after you've paid, the story will be changed! I've sent him 3 emails over the past 2 weeks concerning the delivery, he didn't give me a single word!
No delivery after payment! Also no response from Jonathan ! everybody should be careful!
Those who are interested in VIP 3D products should be careful ! I've placed order for 20+ days and still have not received the gear . And Jonathan seems died already ! He did not reply any email . and did not tell me what's going on. I think I have been cheated!!!!
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