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Thanks for comment! Well, i like the sound of Canton and i have searched well until decision was made. I was looking at Paradigm as well, they look really nice and sounds very well but price is of course pretty high. For my little room around 20 sqm is a bit too much power and i cannot put the volume too high but the sound is clear and crisp. I like listening at low level with aggressive bass. For my type of music (eg. Trance) this is the perfect combination. I don't...
Hi guys, Just a quick update with my almost complete ht system. LCD TV Panasonic 42" full HD - will come up with exact model later on Marantz AV Receiver SR 6004 Dune HD Smart D1 multimedia player Spectral AV Stand Canton Central Speaker GLE 405 Canton Stand-floor Speaker LE 109 Canton Subs AS 85 SC Canton Surround Speakers GLE 403 Vogel's surround supports Unfortunately the room space and size doesn't allow me to do more. I have already the wife complaining that i have...
Calvin, nice work mate. Took me a while to go through all these but hey was worth it. Wish i had your space to start my own HT but sometimes we have to live with limitations. Congrats and keep it up!
Can i connect a Bose sub to my Marantz SR 6004? I like to way Bose subs deep bass feels.
Alright, don't know what i did but my remote doesn't do anything. Whatever button i pressed is not reacting at all. I also changed my batteries. On receiver display is selected DVD, Auto, Speaker 1 ... On remote whatever i select either AMP or DVD is not doing anything. What i am doing wrong?
Thanks mate! I setup my Marantz in my home and work flawless. Sound quality is much better and crisp that the previous Sherwood R-772. Watching movies is a dream now!
Well, why the location is a problem? Not necessary need an answer from my Romanian mates.
Cmon guys no one around?
Alright guys, what do you suggest as in center and rear speakers for a 6004? Usually i don't look at the very low budget items but not the most expensive either. Something like good price/performance. I have a Canton LE 109 stand-floor speakers with 150W rms. Please advice only the ones you really tested with this receiver. Many thanks!
Ok Michael, sorry about that. Thanks!
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