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I've done a bit of research but I figured I would ask the people here. It seems like my best bets are Vizio VHT215 - $260 Haier SBEV40-Slim - 240 Sony HTCT550W - $280 Samsung HW-E450 - $235 Does anyone know what provides the best bang for the buck? I'm pairing it with a 70'' sharp lcd tv that has optical digital output. Thanks! Edit: To give more details. The room is a large spacious room with huge ceilings. The TV is in a corner projecting out. I don't want clutter...
I am new to the forums but I see a TON of talk about calibration. I've never done such a thing. From what I gathered, some of it is professional that you need special software and another way is simply changing the settings. After I get my TVs (just bought 3 from the 2011 lineup) should I be doing this to get the best picture? Or just look for a thread on calibration and see if I can do it manually if someone posts some good results?
Mine is going into a corner, maybe a little double sided duct tape on each end
I've got this TV on order but how do I find a stand for this thing? Would something like this work? http://www.allmodern.com/dCOR-design...1-XSN1007.html Does anyone have any links to stands that may work with this? Is there a certain weight, length, width, that I need to adhere to? My house was just remodeled and has a very modern feel (white, straight lines, etc) so it needs to go with the house. This TV is a piece of art after all
Maybe its just me but I've seen a huge price difference between that and the 59''. I know I can't talk specifics but its enough to make me think the 59'' will do fine if I want to go the cheap route. After looking at them in the store, the P55ST30 may get the nod for quality here, but I'm too big of a sucker for size. After seeing the 59'' and 64'' I know I will need to either increase my budget or grab the PN59D550.
The thought has crossed my mind. Do you really think the price jump is warranted for the extra 4 inches over the P55ST30? The more I look at this the P55ST30 seems to be the perfect one for me. Not like I would regret a 59'' plasma
Thanks, I figured that would be one of the first ones off my list. Any thoughts on the LG? That is 60'' and is the cheapest on the list so I figure that is for a reason. Does it hold a candle to the samsung or panasonic offerings?
After looking through the 2011 lineups I narrowed it down to these TVs. LG 60PV450 Samsung 59D6500, Samsung 64D550 Panasonic P55GT30, Panasonic P55ST30, Panasonic P60S30 Room Environment: Dark Basement, 13' Distance What I am looking for: Picture Quality, size (up to 65''), value. 3D and "Smart/Internet" does not interest me. Since I am not looking for frills I was trying to go big but I worry that PQ will suffer on the lower end models that don't include 3D or...
Reading this forum is getting depressing. I was so ready to pull the trigger on this TV. I need a 55'' inch TV for my basement and this plasma was perfect. Great brand, perfect size, and supposedly the best reviews. Now all I do is dread buying it and seeing these issues. Is the ST30 the alternative for a non-videophile like myself who is spending way too much time researching TVs (my wife is screaming at me just to purchase one but I don't want to buy something...
Thanks guys. This helps a lot. I know it didn't look like I tried but my list was down from going through 50+ TVs and I got it down to basic specs and range (55 inch under $1700 only goes so far and I am no picture/sound expert nor did I understand which are the latest models if that even matters. Are last year's models like cars where you get a deal or are they like computer parts where you need the latest). For example, I thought the LG plasma was by far the best...
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