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Received mine yesterday and like a few others the reflex port was loose and clunking around free inside the cabinet/enclosure. Disappointing, but Newegg was pretty quick on the RMA I will say. After calling up, they had an RMA# and prepaid return label emailed to me a few minutes after I got off the phone with them. I even arranged the UPS pickup the same day and now it's on its way back. Burned off some calories at least. The interesting thing is, the shipping boxes were...
I like it.
Good question. I noticed they feature 40" and 46" TVs in their lineup, so I suppose that rules out LG's IPS panels (never heard of them making those sizes with IPS panels), but almost anything else could be possible. MVAs from AUO or CMI/CMO, ASV from Sharp, or even PVA from Samsung. No idea on their bigger TVs, though.
Thanks for the replies, everyone. Great information.
Very cool.
It sounds like you're after a TV/display with a color management system and potentially at least 10-point grayscale adjustments. Of course, you need some pricey calibration hardware (and software) to take any real advantage of those. In terms of out of the box color accuracy? I've had good experiences with LG tvs in expert or cinema modes. Plus, even their lower cost models sometimes have the options I mentioned above in case you want to go that route.
Thanks for the reply. Was there a particular model there that worked well for you, bsoko?
Hi all, I'm looking for an inexpensive tripod to lend a hand with my microphone placement for Audyssey MultEQ setup, and I was wondering if someone could link me one that did the job for them. There seems to be a ton of options out there! Thanks in advance.
Well, more detail is part of the deal with HD, but it almost sounds like the sharpness may be too high. In my experience with several brands sharpness is often is set higher than the "neutral" point on default settings for quite a few viewing modes. Edge enhancement, which has similar effects, may very well be turned on too. I'd suggest turning that off and reducing sharpness and see what that does for you. If you've gotten used to the boosted sharpness the image will look...
Excellent. Thanks for letting me know.
New Posts  All Forums: