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Thinking about buying this tv. Has anyone noticed any judder or hitching? Does the motion seem pretty smooth in 2d and/or 3d?
How's the motion performance on this in 2d mode? 3d? For anyone who does any gaming, does the input lag seem reasonable on it?
Sure thing. Are you running your HDMI through a receiver/AVR? Sometimes there can be some processing that goes on there as well. Maybe just enough to put the input lag "over the top" into the realm on being intolerable. Even if it was otherwise okay before with the Westinghouse. Personally, I kind of wished manufacturers would come up with some sort of standard input lag tests and start posting input lag specs like they do with response time and so forth. Or that more TV...
The problem sounds reasonably intermittent. How extensively have you tested your setup with the shorter cable? There's always a chance something else could be going on, especially since you've tried two different cables now.I wonder if some of these might be a benefit in this circumstance on the long cable(s)?
Have you returned the CS570 yet? Give this a try to possibly reduce input lag a bit more: Assuming your 360 is on an hdmi input, set your hdmi input label to "PC" on the TV (page 31 in the manual). This disables some extra processing that even game mode misses. You can still select game mode as well once you've done this and probably should. I found this helpful for one of my own LG tvs. Let me know how it works.
It certainly wouldn't hurt to give Klipsch a call. They'd likely send you a new grill once you've explained the situation.
Thanks for the replies all.
Is the Outlaw m8 pretty well regarded for music performance for the money? I'm liking the b-stock shipped price on those right now.
Hi all, In my research for subwoofers I've seen class AB amps offered as sort of feature or selling point on certain subwoofers over class D amps. From what I understand, class D is the most common choice, due to it's overall efficiency, but I'm wondering, should I show any preference to subwoofers that use class AB amps? I realize that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and there's a lot more to a good sub than its amplifier class; however, would there be any...
Just curious on the subdude issue, what if you're running a higher than "usual" crossover (let's say 100hz)? Would the subdude provide any benefit to a downfiring sub that is placed on carpet? @dpkay, I've been looking around a little myself lately with a fairly similar price range and goals, and I've been eyeing the HSU STF-1 and Outlaw M8. Both seem to be reasonably well regarded from what I've read thus far. Plus, if last year was any indication and you're willing to...
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