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HSU did have a black friday sale last year. I'm eager to see what comes along this year. I wonder if some other Internet direct sellers will have something planned too?
Gotcha. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.
Thanks for the replies all. I guess my only concern was, if I were to go the downfiring route, I'd have sound waves richocheting around under the table like out of some sort of slapstick cartoon comedy. A slight exaggeration for the sake of humor, but you know what I mean. Bearing in mind that I have minimal technical knowledge of audio engineering or sound waves in general, can I safely say that I have no reason to be worried?
Hello all, I'm putting together a small surround system, and, I'd like to know if placement under a reasonably sizeable corner table would make either down firing or front firing more or less desirable under the circumstances. The room is carpeted, and the corner table is, of course, in a corner. I'm uncertain of my intended crossover frequency currently, but I expect it to be in the ballpark of 80hz. I may possibly experiment with both 60hz and 90hz for what that's...
Thanks for the replies all.
I was wondering if the speaker levels arrived at after using auto calibration (Audyssey multEQ on an Onkyo TX-NR807) can be manipulated without affecting the arrived at "EQ" or speaker balance. On running Audyssey , I have final channel levels like -7db for FL, -8 for C, -7.5 for FR, etc. etc. Since I need to crank up the main volume to -20db to hear reasonable multichannel sound from a particular source (and sometimes lower for others), is it feasible to increase the...
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