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The reset worked, but damn, it sucks to have to redo everything.
I just figured out that it is the usb inputs that stopped working. I am using the wireless dongle. I thought it was the dongle, so I removed it and tried to insert a usb flash drive for the firmware update. The receiver did not recognize that anything had been inserted into the usb port. I'm going to try to reset the unit and see what happens.
It's not just pandora, I don't even get to the screen where you have options to use other services..
I've been using Pandora through the net input for quite a while; however, today, suddenly the stream stopped. I switched to other inputs and switched back, but no change. I then shut off the receiver and switch back to net to see if I would get the "connecting" message. But, nothing. Nothing on my tv screen and on the screen on the tuner I first see Net then Dolby PLII then nothing. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution?
Some unexpected good news. Onkyo is adding Spotify to its net services via a firmware update to all the 2011 receivers (that means tx-nr809).
You caught that too. Damn good tv speakers, I guess.
Default on a custom mode is not necessarily equal to "through" or "direct" (which is the exact same as through when using HDMI). The second you run the video through the processor, you are going to introduce whatever visual changes the processor has when it is set at its (the processor's) default. Turn off the processor, if you like the picture on through. If you'd prefer to use the custom mode, I'd suggest you get a calibration dvd in order to get the best settings for...
I'm using the Harmony One, and it loaded up the 809 just fine.
Plugged mine in yesterday. Very easy to setup. Went to usb. The unit found the dongle. I hit enter. It asked if I wanted to do a manual or automatic setup. I did manual and typed in the security code for my wifi. It connected, and I was up and running. If you don't have a ethernet nearby, this is a cheap solution.
I just got a response from Onkyo. Apparently, this is the new procedure with their higher end models.
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