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You need to add another connecting cable from your CD player, either optical (digital) or RCA (analog). I assume that's because the HDMI connection is set to transmit both audio and video; you need to use a connection that just sends audio.Once you've added the new connection (and made a note of which input you selected), start by selecting your video source to get the 80.2 giving you the video feed you want. Then switch the input source on the 80.2 to whatever non-HDMI...
I believe he's speaking of Robert Baird's review of the "Why Pink Floyd?" project, which begins on p. 131 of the October issue.But as I read Baird's review of the project, his inability to listen to review discs isn't his fault -- EMI, he writes, didn't ship review discs other than an 8-song EP that arrived two days before Baird's deadline.
Yes, it is. But it's small. Think of it as a wall-pimple.
Thanks for the sharp eyes -- according to the date on the press release, the press release isn't supposed to be out until tomorrow!I've just emailed the release to my dealer. I'm going to see what kind of trade he'll offer me for my 65-day-old 80.2, which still has me living in fear that one day soon I'll wake up to find it cycling through input modes.
Just heard from my local dealer (in response to my question, based on the news of the 80.3 release) that the 80.3 is expected to retail for a substantial bit more than does the 80.2 -- about 33 percent more, in fact. He told me it will likely have more Internet radio features (Spotify and LastFM capability, for instance), but is still waiting for a spec sheet from Integra before he can give me more details.
A) Congratulations on getting your hands on one -- I've got gift certificates to burn at Crutchfield, and I've been waiting for two months for it to show up in stock there. Did you pre-order direct from the manufacturer?B) Sounding great through USB isn't sad, it's just that you haven't yet figured out how to get the higher sample rate file to play through that input. There's got to be some way to get that file to play -- the spec sheet specifically says it supports 24/96...
I put a new RM 5.1 SE into my system two weeks ago, running it through the Tube Box II Phono stage to an Integra DHC-80.2, powered by an Outlaw 7700 into Klipsch RF-7 II fronts and a JL Audio Fathom f110 sub. The 'table ROCKS -- I'm listening to "Bad Company" on 180-gram vinyl, and it's dead quiet when it should be and kick-ass when it should be. Blacks are black, the bass is tight, the midrange is fully fleshed out, the sound stage is wide AND deep. On a female vocal with...
I just added a Pro-Ject RM 5.1 SE to my system, but I'm not plugged into the Phono input. At my dealer's recommendation, I'm running it through a Pro-Ject Tube Box II Phono stage into the TV/CD line level input. The sound is awesome.
Not at all. I've been buying from Bill Crutchfield for more than 30 years now, and they'll take of him.I'd suggest he just ask for a swap to the newer model year and bypass all the folderol. I'll lay odds Crutchfield will ship him a new unit before they even get back the old one.
HDX was working fine for me last night.
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