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If you set the Auto Motion Plus to "custom," and then set the two parameters to "0," that should do the trick and keep the AMP effect off. You might also set AMP to "clear" and see if you like that setting (others have recommended the "clear" setting).
He's referring to the European model (UE), and not the North American model (UN). The March 20th release is still the latest firmware for the UNXXEH5000.
It was quite frustrating for me when I first got the TV--the SOE kept returning every time I'd turn the TV back on even though the AMP was still set to Off, and I'd cycle back through to the Off setting to eliminate it, only to have it return again the next time I turned the TV back on! I finally tried the custom settings on 0, and voila! Problem solved. It's definitely a firmware issue, and hopefully they'll fix it--although I no longer have that model. There are no...
Try setting it to Custom, and then set both Custom parameters to 0. I had this same problem when I briefly had this television, and that solved it (i.e., the motion interpolation/SOE stayed off when the TV was turned off and then back on again).
Nope--I have "motion lighting" set to off (and have since I got it). I also have the Eco sensor off. But I do have the color level dialed down a bit to 45. It works for me with the content and sources I've been watching. Obviously, it's a matter of personal preference, and there is no one setting that's right for all viewers and all video sources and content at all times. But my point is that the maximum backlight setting on the EH series, in combination with the...
And, of course, it also depends on the other settings (e.g., I use standard mode, currently have the color dialed down a bit to 45, and have dynamic contrast turned off), and the source and content. But I was quite surprised at how well the backlight setting of 20 worked for me last night in a dark room with hi-def cable content of all sorts.
Actually, at least to my eyes, the settings used in that review are NOT ludicrous. I turned up the backlight on my EH5000 last night from the default 12 in standard mode to 20, and the picture was significantly improved and NOT too bright at all--and my retinas remain completely unsinged. Also, it was in a dark room, and I wasn't wearing these----> While a maximum backlight setting might not make sense for other TVs, it seems to work well with the new EH series. ...
Until last night, I had left my EH5000 at the default backlight setting of 12 in the standard mode. I turned it up last night to the full 20 in a very dark room, and it was a major improvement--definitely NOT too bright. And my retinas remain completely unsinged. Can't speak to how these settings compare to those in the D series (which is, after all, a completely different edge-lit system and not the direct-lit backlight of the EH series), but the maximum 20 setting on...
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