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hello everyone, great thread! Does anyone have any calibrated settings for gaming on this set? Ive got an ips panel and am using a ps3 through hdmi. I find the game preset looks a little washed out and off colour (bluish). Thanks
hi can i download the mp4 file on to my ps3 through the browser? I have no access to my pc at the moment
is it just me, or is there a bug on the ld450 regarding the edge enhancer? On my set Off looks sharper than LOW. Wtf
hi all, im new here. I have the 42 inch version of this tv and am quite happy with it. Im using rawashdeh's settings for ps3 gaming and im really happy with them. Can someone plz share their settings for sdtv use and also blu-rays. Any help is greatly appreciated btw im hooked up to a virgin box and watch blurays through my ps3
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