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Related note, when you say you want your front three speakers to be similar, I assume you mean similar spec-wise?
thanks for the input. After I posted this thread I thought about it more and think a false wall or some type of cabinet structure will serve me better for multiple reasons. I like building things so it will be a fun project.
Just pulled the trigger on the RS46 (purchased through AVS, thanks Mike!). Can't wait to get the media room set up in the next few months.
Hi, I am just about ready to pull the trigger on a projector (JVC RS46 unless something changes) and some other goodies (will purchase through AVS) and plan on building my own AT screen using the Seymour AV build plans (size is still being decided but thinking in the 110" area based on seating distance, but not critical to this current issue) Our media room has some angled ceiling lines due to the roof lines of the house. The angled ceiling is not prohibitive, but it...
New Posts  All Forums: