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Any updates from the owners of this TV? Impressions?
1. Budget
I have had the TC-L42E60 in my Amazon Cart for a month now. Any updates from the people that own this tv? Impressions? Reccomendations? Thanks
I need to buy a 40 to 42'' tv. Anyone have an suggestions on what I should get? I would have a PS3 hooked up to it. I would use it to play video games, watch sports and sometimes netflixs. I do not care if it is a plasma or LED. I would just like the best picture. The room as three windows but my blinds are usually closed. I have a LED in there now but will be moving it down to my theatre room. Its a 60''. It is honestly to big for the room it is in now and wife been...
So here is my problem, I want to put two out door speakers by my pool. The pool is pretty far from my house. I have a 5.1 channel receiver inside that has b speaker ports. The thing is its in the front of the house and there is no way to run the speaker wire through the house outside all the way to the pool. I have a old 2.1 receiver that I don't use. Is there any cabinets or anything that I can house this in by the pool? Something that i guess us waterproof that speaker...
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