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You might try doing a factory reset on the TV to see if that helps with a quick call to your calibrator beforehand to discuss best approach to re-apply your calibrated settings afterwards. D-Nice might even be able to tell you if he has encountered this same or similar issue before and provide a recommendation.I'd definitely take care of all of this while you are sill covered under your BB service plan and you have options--you know the deal and its pretty good. If they...
Will Calman 5.x ever run on Mavericks/Mac OS ? Am currently running Calman Enthusiast on a Windows partition with VMware on Mac Book Air ( the only reason I continue to use Windows). All works as is--but would be great if....
Thank you!
Hello: Am I able to use my OEM i1 Display with the Calman RGB feature included in my Enthusiast license to calibrate PC/Mac monitors?
Very nice! I particularly like the Mac part Looking forward to trying this out.
Hello. Does anyone have any further details on Calman5.2 new RGB workflows "Monitor - Introduction, Monitor - Standard, and Monitor - Advanced" Are these new workflows for calibrating PC Monitors?
Or, I may keep my VT50's and get a OLED
Is this what you guys are talking about on the PS3?Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Super-White (HDMI)"This setting will give you deeper blacks and brighter whites if your display supports a Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr signal via HDMI."Read more: http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/blu-ray-dvd-disc-media-players/55735-how-properly-set-up-your-sony-ps3-blu-ray-player.html#ixzz2fNqb1UzA
sodapop42, I would definitely get a call into Sony support to troubleshoot this before too much more time goes by.
Aya: The ST60 is a great TV. I also own last years VT50 ( my first plasma) and am very happy. Plasma is a very different experience compared to a LCD/LED.However, if you've got the energy, I wouldn't give up so easily on your expensive HX820. This model is still too new to require a panel replacement with normal usage. I would defiantly contact Sony by email at this email address: sonylistens@am.sony.com. Politely/respectfully describe your problem and ask for...
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