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just buy some bendy ply and skip all that.
site hasnt been touched since 99 pretty good bet they gone
jbl costs way to much for what they are imo. also why pay extra for neo these arnt tour speakers. http://www.parts-express.com/bc-15fw76-15-professional-woofer-8-ohm--294-5981
so expensive i pay $45 for 5x5 of Baltic birch ...
no 4ohm / 8 ohm only
just by asking those questions i can assure u your wasting your time trying to fix these amps.
when are u going to start welling seos 15s ?
compression driver
off facebook page
apply to both sides b/c u want the glue to seep into the wood and make good bond.clamping is always the best way to do things. buy parallel clamps not F clampsjust a tad more then the amount of force u need to close the glue line.
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