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I can't remember of the top of my head but idle / class A operation is pretty good for the A31. Heat is a big deal for my room and I would get the A31 if I move to 5.1 for my center and surrounds. I think the A21 is much higher per channel. You should be able to search this thread as it has been discussed.
With probably all speakers it is subjective, I.e. not everyone's tastes are the same. While I believe the majority who have heard Salk (I have not) have really loved them - that is not true for all. Certainly the same can be true with Kef, B&W and Revel but often more polarizing. You need to audition for yourself.
I am actually a bit shocked though I should not be. Did not like the SS8s? What was the short coming to you?
From what I have read and been told, the MX adds warmth to the CX which can be good thing depending on source and speakers.
How about a multichannel JC, say JC5 or JC7 with bass management? A step above the P7.
Sorry. I have been looking to upgrade my prepro and while I thought I had eliminated the CX-A as not a big enough step up from my 80.3 it appears my interest still remains as I still follow this thread. I wish I could arrange a demo and decide one way or the other. I have or have owned Yamaha, Denon and Onkyo AVRs and really liked my first Yamaha so still a fan. Perhaps it wasn't a very cool post in this thread so sorry if I offended anyone.
Thanks! I had all but crossed the CX-A off my list but since I still follow this thread not completely. It has many pluses for me: Yamaha reliability, low heat output and presence speaker format would let me use 9.x with my rear ceiling speakers. Have XT32 with my 80.3 which I do not use for music so no loss going to Yamaha's version. Music is the big question. I am looking for a multichannel prepro that can run with very good preamps sonically, not getting that from...
Are you referring to the 3030 or CX-A? What fiddling?
^^^ JC2 would be a great choice. The P5 is not in the league with your amp, IMO. Which 205s, the 205(/1) or 205/2? Why did you sell them?
Does that apply to the 103 for HDMI2 or is that for the 105 only?
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