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I wish remote potato would add these features.
Make sure you have internet connection. IF it still doesn't work disable antivirus, doesn't work still I think you can re-download it from Microsoft and try again
Hello Gents & Ladies I have an awesome 3112CI and a ceton infinitv 4 cable card. Everything works fine but the Live video. its super choppy. Audio works great and blu-rays disc works as well. Only Live video is a problem. here are my configs: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Samsung 64 D8000 1.4 HDMI 9.8ft cable ATI 5850 512mb Samsung goes to the Denon. HTPC to Denon. When I hook up the TV to the HTPC no slow downs. Is something wrong with the Denon, Is there...
Quote: Originally Posted by Taxi You might try over at the Denon XXCI thread. There are a couple guys there who are very knowledgeable and responsive when it comes to issues with those AVRs. your a genius! why didn't I think of that. Ceton doesn't know whats going on with this thing.
Do you know how I can get the Denon to work? The Video is extremely choppy. But on my extender its perfect. Ceton still hasn't gotten back to me. They said removing the Denon would work which it did. But that can't be the solution.
Awesome! Thanks
I thought Panasonic had it locked down to their 3d format.
Can Avatar in 3d be watched on this tv?
Ahh So Ceton support has been spot on. It appears to be my Denon 1312CI that is causing the video to be choppy. No idea why though. Anyone else have issues like this?When connected directly to the TV its no problem.
Irule, I checked it out. It looks like I would need to buy hardware for this, is this true? I wish I could create apps. The best remote app i found for this was HippoRemote Pro. nice controller layout
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