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Ok I think I will drop the pattern generator.
Chad so if I just go for the c6 plus autocal and use a disc I can save the money for when I get better and buy a better pattern generator?
Chad I have decided to purchase the spectracal c6 package with dcg1400 and auto cal. Is this a package that I can learn with?
Chad: I have time and want to learn calibrating. Is it ok to go with spectracal's DIY and auto cal in order to learn and play with the settings without shelling out lots of money on cal equipment since I just bought my vt50?
Chad: you commented in my other thread but my question is it worth buying the vt if I am planning on purchasing the spectracal auto cal kit to use on the tv for calibration?
Epp price is 3145 plus tax... Free shipping
I am leaning toward the auto cal package for the cost to start. If I want a better meter or other item then I will go for it.
Well my free camera shipped from Panasonic... Now just waiting for the tv.
As far as I know from talking to the sales people at spectracal. The auto cal will get the vt50 as close as any pro using a patter generator. But again this is why I ask the question of either hiring a pro or doing it myself?
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