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I Have 115 3d Blu Rays........ Movies/documentary's I also have 5 PS3 3d Blu Ray games , Playing Motor Storm in 3D is truly amazing........... I cant even play it 2d anymore.
I found some decent glasses that work at our local "digital" IMAX theaterTerminator Glasses For Newer Imax Theatres - http://www.berezin.com/3d/3dglasses.htm#ImaxI got these because My local IMAX theater reuses their glasses , so they are allway's smugged or scratched
The CGI was native 3DDel Toro :Pacific Rim has to be my favorite 3D action movie of the year !
What 3D theatrical release has not got a home 3D video release lately ?What I see ....... past 2D movies getting a 3D makeover with both theatrical & home video releases.Also : saleshttp://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/3d-starts-popping-up-us-380198http://www.3dfocus.co.uk/3d-news-2/spend-on-3d-blu-ray-nearly-doubled-in-2012/11518Avengers & Titanic 3D came out in April & May of last year ..... so if the revenue is even close to last year at this point, it would be...
After you go to that link , click on - see all downloads - then look for - Firmware - at the bottom , and then click that .
There is another thread on this topic ............. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1438703/amazing-spider-man-not-working-with-samsung-blu-ray-player
How did you resize the screen on a 3D Blu-Ray movie on your samsung TV ? Most TV's won't let you resize/zoom in on a 3D movie , my 65" 2010 TV wont do it in 3D mode. (Only 2D)
Playstation 3D Display Bundle sale .... $99 Best Buy http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Sony+Computer+Entertainment+America+-+PlayStation+3D+Display+Bundle/2891051.p?id=1218360683860&skuId=2891051&st=Thanksgiving_Day_Sale_2012_Video_Games&cp=7&lp=2
I have a older c6900 with the "latest update" & it does play Spider man in 3D . The first Movie that would not play for me was Lorax , So I had to update back in August. Samsung 65" LED USA - Calif
I only get to watch around 1 movie per month at home , so 90% of the movies I watch are in 3D Like some people , I do feel like......... I am a part of the movie..... instead of just watching it During a 2D movie I will usually lose interest very fast & eat , drink , or sleep through it. (So I guess I'm more bored with 2D Than 3D.) I bought a 65" 3DTV in 2009 ............ & if I had it to do over , I would do it again. I will never buy another TV without 3D .
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