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My receiver is denon 2313ci. I set the front to small from the get go. Ran audyssey, and it put me at 0db for the trim. Just wanted to mess around settings. How much would I need to increase. Currently its both set at 11oclock.
Thank you for your response. I spoke to one of the rythmik guys a minute ago. He stated it is not safe idea. So I'm just gonna 're-run audyssey. And keep tinkering with the receiver settings.
Hopefully someone can help me out with a question. Running dual fv15hp set up using what rythmik recommends. I have set my front speakers to large. And in my receiver. I have my sub trim set at +10 db. I think it sounds awesome. But is it safe to run +10db from my receiver?
Yeah, you are right. I forgot it is a sealed sub.
Hi Jimwilson, is it possible when you get your hands on the bps 212 turbo. Can you also compare it to other subs like rythmik lv12r, svs pb 1000, and others within $500-$600 range.
My buddy emailed me some picks of some of the damage. Caused by his few months old rythmik audio lv12r.    . His subwoofer is place in the corner surrounded by 2 couches.
You are really barking up the wrong tree. Obviously if you were in my shoes. You would also understand the type of situation it is. Or the type of person she is. Like I stated I'm not gonna get into his personal life.
Right on the dot. One thing is for sure. I'm happy to see him get into some hobbies. So that way he doesn't go insane.
My wife and I have. Everytime she has come over. She dumps the kids onto him. Sits there and Facebook's all night. she's lucky the infant daughter doesn't cry a lot. And that his toddler son watches movie. And sits still.
With golf, I simply ask if he wanted to go. I had an open spot. He went, he enjoyed it. I didn't force anything on him. He came over my house. Saw my home theater. Wanted to watch a movie. He was hooked. And I do care about them both. And she has no reason to feel snubbed. If she would have let me explain. And be more understanding. How she is. Is something im not gonna get into over the web.
New Posts  All Forums: