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Given the amount of regular movies and TV series, I have to ask... what is the 1 Adult Title?
Also, for Amazon VOD on PC, the plugin for XBMC works very well. This allows you to browse, search and play with a remote control rather than a KB/mouse and is free!
Hi all. I've got a few weak spots in my home's wireless coverage and am looking to extend my existing router's range somehow. I have a medium amount of experience with home networking and can generally figure things out once pointed in the right direction. Can anyone help on distinguishing between a wifi bridge and a repeater and the pros/cons of each method? I'm a little shaky on what bridge mode means etc. Current setup: - Router: Asus RT N16 running DD-WRT. This is in...
Strange. It works for me very well over the network for a 500GB TV collection (57 shows in 425 series).
I created a cheap DIY multi-zone audio system using Logitech Squeezebox server software on my HTPC and regular 2ch amps. Controllable via iOS or Android dedicated apps (free), WebOS app (paid) or just a web browser. Code: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1350118/running-multiple-softsqueeze-streams-from-one-pc The best part is that if you have any amp, speakers and PC, you can test it out for free very quickly and easily.
I would say that 1x coax + 3x Cat6 would be the minimum wiring for each drop. With this you could do: - Direct TV cable connection for ClearQAM - 1x Cat6 for HDBaseT (HDMI link) back to central HTPC / receiver etc if you're doing surround sound - 1x Cat6 for ethernet for smart TV, Ceton Echo etc. Only 1 is needed as you could always put a small switch at the TV end as well if there were multiple devices needing ethernet. - 1x Cat6 for IR over Cat5/6 if you want IR remote...
I went through this exact same exercise recently and couldn't find what I was looking for. In the end I found the Logitech K400 was as close as it gets and of all the requirements, backlighting was the least important. The price is also very good (often under $30 and was $5 on a super special deal at one point).
Or not as the case may be
Media Center Master can generate a missing episodes report.
+1 on Dark_Slayer's above comment. Also I'd add that you can recoup some of the costs (possibly) by incorporating a tuner and getting rid of cable co. set-top box rental fees depending on your current setup. A SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime network tuner costs $150 or less but can pay for itself in less than a year given that CableCARD rental is very cheap ($2/mo instead of $15 for the box). Beware though - you'll never actually be able to save money once you go down this...
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