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I bought a floor model Craftsman router for under $60, and it was a nice plunge router that has served me well for my last two builds. Get the Jasper Jig from Parts Express and your good!
Ok, so first off, you definitely do not want the drivers to touch! I believe that you are thinking about possibly wiring the drivers together in series or parrellel connects. You probably read somewhere fhat the drivers should be wired together, and misunderstood what the purpose of that is. You don't want the actual drivers touching, but depending on the drivers you go with, the may have to be wired a certain for when using a duel opposed enclosure. Also, I highly...
If I go with an enamel, or latex, would a typical paint sprayer rig, like the kind sold at Lowes or HD, work well? I was thinking more along the lines of a spray gun similar to an automotive spray gun, that would be connected to my air compressor. My local Pawn Shop has lots of automotive spray guns. Maybe I should just buy a Wagner??
For what it's worth, with regards to car applications, I have always been told to use closed cell foam over 1/2lb mass loaded vinyl. Is that the ideal way to do the dampening and noise reduction in vehicle applications?
I had similar issues with PayPal. They screwed me out of $400 on a deal that went south back several years ago. I had the funds zapped out of my account, and the guy that I sold some items to never returned my stuff. This guy that was "did-satisified with my items never returned them, and at the time I was super busy with school and work, and procrastinated a little on following up with them, but when I did finally follow up with them, they said that I was past the time...
On a different topic... I am getting ready to paint my new kitchen cabinets and the cabinet doors and drawers, which are unfinished wood right now. I plan to paint them white, but, I would really like to spray them with an oil based paint, instead of using a brush, which I suck at using. So with that being said, I need to pick up a paint gun. Do any of you guys have any suggestions on paint sprayers for under $150? I do have an older duel tank Ridged air compressor, but...
I could acomodate a center channel up to 50" x 40" x 30"! LoL! Almost zero size restrictions!
I personally prefer ported as you get up to 10db or so in increased output around the tuning frequency compared to a sealed sub. That, to me, makes a huge difference. If you go sealed, I would highly recommend using a MiniDsp to boost the bottom end.
Can you suggest any track-saws that work well and won't break the bank?I just purchased a used, slightly older Black & Decker table saw to replace my practically brand new Skill Saw table saw that I purchased new from Lowes for $299 several months ago. This older Black & Decker is much wider and runs great. I may take it apart and re-paint it just to make it look like less of an eye sore.I was planning on putting my practically brand new Skill Saw table saw for sale on...
I am so intrigued by your setup! Have you completed everything yet?
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