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I'm getting samples directly from Da-Lite, and after calling Stewart, was told I have to go through a local dealer for those samples. I'm still waiting for Stewart to give me a name. If you guys at AVS can get me a sample of studiotek 1.0, studiotek 1.3 and firehawk G3 I would be interested!
Which JKP screen do you have, the 0.6, 0.9, or 1.1 gain?
An interesting thought about a filter, but I'm not sure that would solve all of the artifact problems with the 1080p projector. Might be worth a try. For twenty bucks. But screen samples hopefully on the way! I can set aside the Silverstar for a few years until the bulb dims.
I have requested samples from Da-lite and Stewart. It may take some time to get them, but I will let you know when I decide. Thanks Benito!
Heres my room with the current silverstar.
I have lived with a 110" Silverstar 6.0 since 2005 with a Runco DLP. It has been a great screen. Its bright, has great detail and I have never noticed the screen itself during movies until now. I upgraded to the JVC RS25. Now I have millions of little sparklies over the full screen in lighter scenes, that grow worse in a central hot spot. Ceiling mounted PJ at 12-13 ft from screen. I still love the overall picture, but only if I sit in the back row now. 17-18ft. I can't...
I think I'll do that. Can you guys at AVS order the Da-lite jkp affinity series, or the Stewart studiotek 130 g3? Or are those only through exclusive dealers? I kind of have my eye on those at the moment, but its not set in stone yet. The Dalite JKP comes in 0.6, 0.9, 1.1 g versions.
I have a vutek silvestar super high gain screen with a satin black aluminum frame, and the frame has never been an issue. I don't even know its there with the lights out. I'm not sure how much more the velvet surface can add. Must be fairly subtle. But with a gain of 1.0 the velvet may be more of an issue? Esp. with a white screen.
I love the brightness of the silverstar at times, but generally prefer a more subdued level for movies. I worry that if I go to a matte white or grey 1.0 gain screen I might feel that its too much in the opposite direction, but then I see some owners of the stewart studiotek 130 g3 with its 1.3 gain have also noticed hot spotting. The only reflective surfaces are my Linn speakers (maple colored) everything else is dark blue/black etc. A low gain screen in white would...
I'll spend what it takes. A few k or more is certainly in my Price range.
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