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31.2 fires up but simply mirrors 31.3 Would I be correct to assume signal patterns between Dot Channels can not change? If yes then what purpose is it to mirror these channels unless they are testing in advance of a new channel launch….is something new coming?
23.2 coming? Sony announces an English Classic Movies channel will air over Univision channels this fall. Speaking of, what is status of 4.2 Movie! which is to launch this spring. http://variety.com/2013/tv/news/sony-pictures-tv-slates-fall-debut-for-gettv-movie-classics-net-1200405186/
I use a Dish MT2 OTA Card and have the same 5.2 issue (and always had a 55.6 issue). I had 5.2 while it was NonStop but lost it when they switched to Cozi, they must have switched more than programming. I have rescanned 3 times but, not so much. I do get the signal on my Westinghouse Black Friday special.
More Classic TV appears to be headed our way. NBC announced that Nonstop will in fact stop on Dec 31st. In its place NBCUniversal plans to launch a new Classic/Retro channel called Cozi-TV (Jan 1). Wiki has already posted a lineup, a rather solid lineup at that featuring something rarely seem on Retro channels, a variety show (Red Skelton). So KFDW - Classic TV fans, looks like we are getting one back.
I believe I am having a problem with my OTA card on my VIP222K so I thought I'd delete & rescan. In doing so my unit logged the following: 68-44 TeleFo 68-45 CineMe 68-46 Pasion 68-100 Airbox 68-101 Starz 68-200 Airbox 68-209 GolTV Anyone else get the above? The channels are logged but the screen is black so does anyone know what these are? As for the potential issue with my OTA card, even though I have a strong signal: 70's, 80's & 90's, the signal seems...
They must have done something at 27.2 as I can now see Bounce (still couldn't see it this morning). For the record I have DISH Vip222k with the OTD card. Interesting note, I scanned for bounce on the TV itself and during the scan I pulled in KVUE 24 Austin Saturday morning then lost it almost as soon as I had it.
Must be around the corner. We have a signal but the screen is dark. Hopefully next up is Create. Beyond that The Country Network may be the only thing left that's a good Dallas fit, but they keep inventing networks
RabbitEars lists a 34-76. I can get 34-2 & 32-3 but my Vip222k doesn't show a -76. Does anyone see -76? I would expect if you have one CH34 you would get all, unless a model just doesn't work beyond -9? And why would they go to a -76 when -1 is empty?
Trip in VA, my comment is based on Wikipedia which shows Weigel Broadcasting having 3 Network's: Me-TV, This TV & Bounce TV. I understand little about the complicated world of television affilications and hope learn from this site. In the mean time I continue to hope RTV moves to a better signal and the Band continues to add more Networks.
That's great news. I agree, of all the Classic/Retro Networks, Me-TV offers the best lineup. And it will be on 47.1 meaning Cable and Satellite will carry for all. Hoping the move comes on Feb 1st. I noticed that there is some sort of partnership with Weigel Broadcasting who also owns Bounce as well as This-TV. Wonder if KTXD will be also picking up Bounce and if This-TV may move from 33.2 at some later point. Should This-TV move, what would 33.2 use as a...
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