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Latest HDHomeRun Software:http://www.silicondust.com/support/hdhomerun/downloads/Prime Installation Instructions:http://www.silicondust.com/support/hdhomerun/instructions/prime/
I went to the Silicondust Support page, and first downloaded the latest software (didn't use the disc that came with the package). I THEN clicked on and followed the step-by-step "Instructions" doc they have on their support page. You must go slowly, and do everything exactly has they lay it out.Note that once Comcast activates your CableCARD, you need to wait about an hour at that point, for all your channels to be downloaded before you go on to the next step in the...
The Comcast DIRECT number for CableCARD activation is: 877-405-2298. I just did mine (for my new HDHomeRun PRIME last night).
I was a BV 980H owner for only about a month (before I returned it due to multiple problems...), so my memory may be a bit fuzzy... But, I do recall that the unit has a coax cable input -- so I-m not sure what your questions are all about -- about converting RF to RCA.
No, no STB here. This is just cable directly into the tuner. I'm a Comcast basic cable subscriber, so don't need a STB for basic channels (local broadcast channels only).
I thought of that too. But done of my other tuners seem to have the diagnostics you describe (1 Panasonic TV and 2 Panasonic DVR's).
Thanks for the suggestion Brian. I think what you describe above could have been a possible situation for me, were it not for the fact that I have lost KNTV (NBC) "11.1" only on one of my tuners (my PC's TV-tuner). My three TV's with QAM tuners can find 11.1 just fine. So, I don't think this would be a trap situation, or none of my TV's could get the channel.
I thought with finding that digital channel list my problems would be solved. But, alas, no. No matter what I've tried, I cannot get my tuner to find KNTV-HD. Like you , all my other TV tuners find the channel at "11.1." The PC-tuner in question is a Hauppauge WinTV HVR-950q.
Oh thanks! I wasn't noticing the dropdown menu.
Thanks for the link, but that's a link to the channel line-up of OTA digital broadcast. What I'm looking for is for Comcast's line-up of its Oakland cable feed.
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