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I'm looking at projectors and can't decide between these projectors. Primary use is movies (Blu-ray, DVD), sat tv and some gaming. Not very interested in 3D. Projector will be in dedicated theater room with no windows and lighting control. Screen size may be 130-150inch diagonal. I'm open to other suggestions in the $3-5K range.
I'm not picky about the specs on black level or light output. I'm not a videophile where I can tell the difference in levels (+/- 5% difference). Rather, I just want a good quality picture that will make me say "Wow, nice picture quality!" when I'm watching a movie, hd tv shows or sports.
Is it worth the 2x price difference to go up from the Mitsu Hc4000 to the jvc hd250? I'm looking for pj for a 120-130in screen to watch movies, sports and hd cable/sat tv
I think dealers/integrators as being similar to a custom home builder. In building a house, there are material and labor cost. An example is wood floor. I can choose an expensive exotic wood or some cheap wood-like material. The installation labor cost varies depending on material used. Regardless of the material, the total cost is known if the contract was on a "cost plus" basis and the client knows going in what the % profit margin is (and after negotiating the mark...
Is the 30-35% margins on equipment the % over the MSRP. As a consumer, I'm leery of dealers giving me a bid with X dollars for equipment cost and I'm in the dark on the "actual invoice" price. I wish this market/business could be like buying a car where a consumer can look at the MSRP and invoice price and negotiate price with that information. Why can't the dealers in this business be more transparent with their pricing and quote a bid as X% over invoice (both...
Thanks 39. The dealers that I have visited here in Houston all are "one-stop shopping". I'm not sure if this is best as they all seem to "steer" you to a certain system/brand for the HAI, A/V and HT systems. I will re-visit them again and ask to see their work. By the way, can we talk off-line (via pm) regarding your scope of work?
I'm building a house (7000+ sf) at the end of the year that will have a home automation/audio/home theater system in the house. I'd like to get recommendations on installer/integrator (in Houston, TX) for this project that provide a good-value, quality, honest service/solution. I'd like someone that can point out the pros/cons of the various system (Creston, Savant, etc) and un-biased enough to recommend the best system with the lowest price. What are your thoughts on...
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