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thanks a bunch!
Yeah i'm talking about the space that would be between my permanent walls and the temporary wall i would be building. That stuff seems like it would work pretty good!
Yeah this is what I figured. Thanks for your help!Would you care to recommend something for the gaps between the wall and the framed wall?
Hi everyone, My current project has me building a home theater in my garage. I would like to insulate my garage door. The garage door doesn't need to open. I currently have the reflective styrofoam board with a R7 rating in the cut outs of the garage door. This is simply not cutting it. We live in South Louisiana so it gets pretty hot during the summer. I need a way of trying to keep that heat out. However, I would like to not make the changes permanent. It doesnt have...
So i just joined in on this vudu goodness. Really impressed with the HDX movies. Quality was great. I was just wondering if there was a device limit?? I have the service hooked up on 7 devices (ipad, 2 ps3s, a tv, 2 iphone, and itouch). is there anyway to go in an delete these devices one we get rid of them? Just dont want to hit a limit.
Exactly how I feel.I bought my PN65D7000 for the picture quality. 3D came bundled. Have used it maybe 8 to 10 times.
Scroll through the first four or five pages of threads in this section and you will find that pretty much every thread deals with a Yamaha, Deon, Pioneer, or Onkyo receiver. All four brands have gained a considerable following not just because of their name, but because, for the most part, they make quality products.If I were, I would go to their websites and look at the features that each receiver offers. Make a list of features that you need and that you want. Come here...
I have been watching their site like a hawk. Nothing good from last year and all of this years gear, even open boxed/clearence is priced high.I thought hard about the apple tv, expecailly with the onkyo since it was designed to work with the apple tv; however, airplay will work better with the wife because it is so simply.I got the email while at work that the 1602 shipped out. Will be here monday. I'll play with it for a little bit and see if its worth keeping.Thanks guys!
yes. thank you. corrected.
EDIT Going to give the 1602 a go since it shipped out. Hey guys, my obsession with getting the "perfect" receiver and Amazons delay in shipping is making me rethink my Marantz NR 1602 purchase. I do not need the slimline build. I have been looking at it from a pure feature and sound aspect. Budget is $350 from amazon (have credits there) or $400 if it has two optical audio in (since having only one requires me to rewire my keystone jacks costing...
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