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Thx Stevensctt Pardon my ignorance, but believe it or not, I have never purchased anything over Craigslist. Is that a safe bet? To buy from non-local cities? Also, Canuckaudiomart does come-up in my searches for B&W speakers. Is that a trustworthy site?
Looking for a used pair. Any suggestions where I can find one? Ebay, Audiogon(nuts!) haven't yielded much. Couple of delaers i checked don't have it Appreciate suggestions. Thx!
Bump ;-
Heard this recently and tempted to buy, esp because of quality + price point, but from where? Is there a way to check inventory with local dealers apart from calling everyone of them? Ebay has one, but for local pickup only. Also price is too high. For $1500 I could get 683s which would be superior i guess. Any suggestions apart from regularly polling audiogon and enay? Checked with local Modia and they have 1 speaker! ugh Thx!!
Don't mean to hijack the thread, but have a q for Tweaked05. I recently heard the 604S3s and quite liked it. Is it comparable to 683s . More importantly, is it worth the upgrade? Also, where do i buy them from? I can't seem to find any online dealers that sell these. Ebay doesn't have any either Thx
+1 Been waiting on the prices to go down before I pull the plug on 6006. AFAIK, it seems very comparabel to 7005. Can it (6006) be controlled remotely by a browser?
Don't mean to spam, but just saw this ad pop-up and looks like BB is going all way!! http://magnoliaav.com/Products/Produ...5/Default.aspx - B&W includes high-end 800D series - Sonus Faber - Monitor Audio Merry X'Mas!!
Thx Kal. That link definitely helped. And sorry for my ignorance. I assumed one is newer than the other, so must be better. I have heard the 804D and 803Ds and loved them. The 683 and CM9 are also great but a different class. With a 3k-4k budget, I am inclined towards buying a used pair of 800 series Vs. new CM9s. I am willing to wait until i find a suitable pair with my price limitations. Not easy making decisions in this space ;- Happy Holidays to all!
Thx Kal. I did review the B&W site. There are no products listed under Nautilius section and I don't see any mention of the S series. I see the 600, Diamond, Mini-Theater and Custom series. I am sure you I am overlooking something. If you would be so kind to point me in the right direction. Much appreciated! Also, would it be fair to say that N series is superior to S series? Thx
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